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IN STOCK NOW!!! A.Z.A.B. metal pins released by Mors Omnibvs

IN STOCK NOW!!! Nuclearhammer - "Frozen Misery" remastered reissue with new art and previously unreleased bonus tracks, comes with poster, inserts and stickers. Out on Von Frost Records

Limited to 100, 50 black/white, 50 black/red OBI with two-sided insert on 180g black vinyl. Poison Mist copies now gone/reserved, order from Viva Angel Press/Goatowarex 

Praeternigma - "Demo MXVI" Pro CS OUT NOW!!

A.Z.A.B. double-sided t-shirts released by Death Oracle SOLD OUT

Praeternigma - "Demo MXVI" Pro CS out in August!!! this is a Von Frost Records/Poison Mist Propaganda joint release. Samples

ΑΠΟΚΡYΦΑ (APOKRYPHA) - "BLOOD CREATION" Pro CS demo comes in charm bag with handmade golden print, limited to 100 copies, out now!!! Officially released on Walpurgisnacht 2017. Contact: LXLNLXL777@gmail.com to order!

Concealed for 7 years, the time has now come to unveil the first release of ΑΠΟΚΡYΦΑ (APOKRYPHA) - "BLOOD CREATION". After much deliberation, these demo recordings were edited and re-mastered to satisfaction by Axaazaroth (Nuclearhammer) to the extent possible without the availability of the original tracks/layers and unleashed by POISON MIST PROPAGANDA on pro cassette tape for maximum warmth and depth of sound. Each and every copy slips into talismanic black charm bags, all silk-screened in metallic gold and aetherically impregnated by the hands of the artist LXLNLXL (Nuclearhammer, Antediluvian), bearing the trinitarian mark and seal of ΑΠΟΚΡYΦΑ. "BLOOD CREATION" mirrors the personal & spiritual path and meditations of its creator in an earlier stage. The 18 or so minutes of material reveal both melody and aggression, hypnotic rhythms and unpredictability, order vs. chaos, structure and youthful rawness, and originality while still being rooted in the best traditions of mystical occult Black and Death Metal. This release serves as a banishing of the old to usher in the new, as this year will also signal the completion of the first full-length album as far as composition, if not also, hopefully, a physical release. More information and pictures to come as things progress. Tape is now at press and the intended and expected release date is Walpurgisnacht of MMXVII. Sample

Nuclearhammer - "Obliteration Ritual" Pro CS released by Von Frost Records OUT OF STOCK

Von Goat - "Disappear" CD (2012) (Pest Productions) new in stock. Sample

Noxius Nex -"Sola Dosis Facit Venenum" Pro CS (2012) (Bird of Ill Omen/SHR) OUT OF STOCK
Let the lucid dream intoxication and hallucinogenic rituals begin......... Sample

A.Z.A.B. - "Intrinsic Deathmass of Zionicidal Ruination" Pro CS (2016) (Vanguard Prod Vinland) OUT OF STOCK
A collage of cascading frequencies emanating complete sonic annihilation while exploring insurgent agitation and propaganda shattering every illusion of the modern world!!! Sample

A.Z.A.B. - "Feedback of T.Z.K." C90 (2016) (Poison Mist Propaganda) SOLD OUT
Murderous, sadistic, hypnotic and feedback drenched power electronics/harsh noise dedicated to the Zodiac Killer, originally recorded and put out in 2013 as a digital release, now for the first time available on cassette. Layout by The Desolate One of A.Z.A.B. and Seventh Blasphemer of Sadomator/Ogdru Jahad. Slashed up tapes and hand-numbered inserts ltd to 25. Sample

Demonolator - "Occult Incantations of Evil" digipack CD (2012) (HSP Productions) 
Absolutely sinister and obscure occult black/death metal masterpiece from Quebec, Canada featuring members of Deathroner and Supremacy. Sample

 A.Z.A.B. - "Last Victims" CS (2015) (Poison Mist Propaganda) SOLD OUT
Comes with folded double sided insert, undisclosed limitation of 1st and 2nd versions pictured above

Nuclearhammer - "Multidimensional Prism of Black Hatred" TS
(2014) (Vault of Dried Bones) SOLD OUT
Front artwork by T. Grieco of Antediluvian/Revenge, back song lyrics by DH of Nuclearhammer/Apokrypha. Printed with abyssal blue plastisol
Nuclearhammer - "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer"  2xLP w/ etching on Side D. 
released by Nuclear War Now! OUT OF STOCK
 Nuclearhammer - "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" CD (2014 NWN!) OUT OF STOCK
(Description by J. Campbell) "For nearly ten years, the Toronto-based band Nuclearhammer has endeavored to refine and perfect its aural strategy. A succession of demos and EPs served as a preface to the bestial emanations featured on its 2009 debut album, “Obliteration Ritual”. Though it is a superb release in its own right, the debut album and the myriad EPs that followed appear, in retrospect, as stepping-stones to the band’s full realization of its own potential, which it has attained on its new album, “Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer”. It is with tremendous pride that NWN! presents Nuclearhammer’s most potent manifestation to date. The album opens with a sprawling nine-minute track of atmospheric bestiality—the persistent and repetitive nature of which immediately casts a disorienting, hypnotic shroud upon the listener before culminating in a swirling and surreal display of the variegated hues of cataclysmic Luciferian splendor. Filling the interstitial spaces between the band’s hypnotic and opaque deathscapes are otherworldly electronic drone interludes punctuated by convulsive outbursts of Death/Grind violence such that the entire album dilates and contracts with cosmic grandeur. The resulting sound evinces an extreme sense of intentionality and control. Adding to the band’s willed and focused approach is the degree of care and precision that went into the recording and production of the album. The band utilized a vast array of meticulously selected gear for the performance and recording of “Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer.” Committed to RMGI 911 tape using a Tascam 38 1/2″ 8 track deck, the album exudes the rich fullness of analog recording. To maintain that exquisite sound, the reels were sent directly to the pressing plant so as to avoid digitization in the manufacturing process. No detail was left untended in the writing, recording, and pressing of this album. Nuclearhammer’s magisterial delivery and the breadth of sonic territory traversed on “Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer” ensure that this album will solidify the band’s presence and influence for years to come."
A.Z.A.B. - "Toxic Waste Upheaval" CD in DVD slimcase SOLD OUT
Released by L.White Records (2014) "Six tracks ranging from savagely fierce and destructive sonic terrorism towards all opposition to a final twisted hypnotic realm of psychosis!"

Death Pact International - "Australian Units" CD in DVD slimcase, in stock from L.White Records "The current crop of Australia’s heavy electronics agitants fly the banner of cultural terrorism for the latest manifestation of Death Pact International. First seeded in the mid-1980s, Death Pact International is an umbrella project of units working under the one moniker, founded to spread dissent, unease and propaganda to the masses. Angry, belligerent, and with a firm eye levelled at middle-class sensibilities, this current DPI manifestation features salvos from Streicher, Ebola Disco, Chrysalis, Burden of Administration, Screwtape, Michael J Ellingford, Bonsai Kitten, Die Like a God and Isomer. Sounds vary from finely constructed industrial and unsettling dark ambient, to full-blast power electronic attacks with aggressive vocals in the vein of the early DPI manifestations of the project. Viva confusion!"
L   I   N   K   S

 N U C L E A R H A M M E R


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Black Mass Ritual/Beyond Ye Grave - "Black Moon Sacrifice/Eyes of the Destroyer Are Open" Split CD $8 (1 left)
Death Pact International - "Australian Units" CD in DVD slimcase $12 (2 left)
Demonolator - "Occult Incantations of Evil" digipack CD $10 (1 left)
Evilnasty - "Necromaniac Blood" CD (CD in 7'' EP packaging) $2 (1 left)
Feral/Desekratewhore - "Equilibrium" Split CDR $5 (3 left)
Into Oblivion/Cromlech/Shoor - " Under the Banner of the Serpent Sun" Split pro CDR $8 (2 left)
Khnuth - "За Порогом Видений" CD $8 (1 left)
Krumkach - "Black Visions of Hatred" CD $8 (1 left)
Metastasis - "From the Snow the Executioner Rises Again" CD $8 (1 left)
Mortum(US) - "The Rites of Depopulation" CDR $8 (1 left)
Sacrificial Massacre - "Dry Spells and Serpent Gods" CD $8 (1 left)
Thy Flesh Consumed - "Unrepentant" CD $8 (1 left)
V.A.C.K. - "L'ombre de la Solitude" CD $10 (1 left)
Von Goat - "Disappear" CD $10 (3 left)

Apokrypha - "Blood Creation" Pro CS $7.77
Insepulto -"Sparcing the Black Vomits" CS $3 (1 left)
Nihil Domination/Abominablood - "Two Satanic Conspirations" Split CS $3 (1 left)
Praeternigma - "Demo MXVI" Pro CS $5
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Nuclearhammer - "Frozen Misery" 12'' LP (diehard splatter vinyl) $20
Nuclearhammer - "Frozen Misery" 12'' LP (black vinyl) $16
Paroxsihzem - "Paroxsihzem" 12'' gatefold LP (diehard blue vinyl) $25 (1 left)

Cannibal Corpse - "Butchered At Birth" girl size S $12 (1 in stock)
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PMP029 - Praeternigma - "Demo MXVI" - Pro CS (2017) Von Frost Records/Poison Mist Propaganda split release DOWNLOAD

PMP028 - Archaic Malign - "Omnis Incursio Infernalis Adversarii" - Digital (2017) DOWNLOAD

PMP027 - Apokrypha - "Blood Creation" - Pro CS in charm bag w/ handmade golden print (2017)

PMP026 - A.Z.A.B. - "Intrinsic Deathmass of Zionicidal Ruination" - Digital (2016)/Pro CS on Vanguard Prod Vinland DOWNLOAD

PMP025 - Archaic Malign - "Haunted Chamber of Ghastly Inception" - Digital (2015) DOWNLOAD

PMP024 - Raktabija - "Mahabharata" - Digital (2015) DOWNLOAD

PMP023 - A.Z.A.B. - "Last Victims" - Digital (2014)/CS (2015) DOWNLOAD

PMP022 - White Autopsy Orchestra - "Death Industrial Cunt Ripper" - Digital (2014) DOWNLOAD

PMP021 - A.Z.A.B. - "Night Stalker" - Digital (2014) DOWNLOAD

PMP020 - A.Z.A.B./Arseterror - Split - Digital (2014) DOWNLOAD

PMP019 - Raktabija - "Kali Maa" - Digital (2014)/Pro CS on Needle and Knife (2016) DOWNLOAD 
PMP018 - A.Z.A.B. - "Dedicated to Patrick Mackay" - Digital (2014) DOWNLOAD

PMP017 - A.Z.A.B./Raktabija - "999/Meditation" Split - Digital (2014) DOWNLOAD

PMP016 - White Autopsy Orchestra/All Zionists Are Bastards - "Raped in Decay" Split - Digital (2014) DOWNLOAD

PMP015 - White Autopsy Orchestra - "Radio Autopsy" - Digital (2013) DOWNLOAD

PMP014 - White Autopsy Orchestra - "Penetration Chambers" - Digital (2013) DOWNLOAD

PMP013 - A.Z.A.B./Exsanguine - Split - Digital (2013) DOWNLOAD

PMP012 - A.Z.A.B. - "Counterfire Assault Electronics" - Digital (2013)/LP on Viva Angel Press (2018) DOWNLOAD

PMP011 - A.Z.A.B. - "Feedback of  T.Z.K." - Digital (2013)/C90 (2016) DOWNLOAD

PMP010 - A.Z.A.B. - "This Is War!" - Digital (2013) DOWNLOAD

PMP009 - A.Z.A.B. - "Toxic Waste Upheaval" - Digital (2013)/Pro CDR on L. White Records (2014) DOWNLOAD

PMP008 - A.Z.A.B. - "II" - Digital (2013) DOWNLOAD

PMP007 - A.Z.A.B. - "I" - Digital (2013) DOWNLOAD 

PMPP01 - Nuclearhammer 3x3 embroidered logo patch VIEW
PMP006 - Befouled Serenity - "Invoking Eternal Darkness to Extinguish the Sun" - Pro CDR (2012)

PMP005 - Feral/Desekratewhore - "Equilibrium" Split - Pro CDR (2012)

PMP004 - Malaria/Carbonizer - "Spoils of Extermination/Foeticidal Maniac" Split - Pro CDR (2008) DOWNLOAD

PMP003 - Nuclearhammer - "Existence of Abhorrence" - CDR (2007) DOWNLOAD

PMP002 - Malaria - "Massgraves" - CS (2007) DOWNLOAD

PMP001 - Nuclearhammer - "Immortalized Hatred" - CS (2006) DOWNLOAD